Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Thoughts About Aging

Since it's not fashionable to reveal one's age, I didn't give one in my profile. There must be a reason for hiding one's age, for example in resumes and news releases: it keeps people from thinking "he's too old," "he's not old enough" or "he's old enough to know better." In my case, suffice it to say I'm old enough that being cool doesn't matter to me anymore. An advantage of this is that I don't have to run around with my underwear showing (not that I ever did).

Let's just say I'm old enough to become confused by some of the terms I've run across lately while wading my way though 23 Things and discovering they're not what I thought they were, e.g., MERLIN (a magician), MEEZ (someone's last name), RSS (the initials of a friend), OPAL (a gem stone), ROLLYO (something you do with your hole card in poker), pod (housing for peas), AVATAR (some kind of automobile), (a thick coffee milkshake made with coffee ice cream and coffee syrup), tag (a game played in the back yard). Not to mention WIKIs (what burns in the middle of a candle) and WIIs (as in "whee," that was great).

Even so, although I might never find a constructive use for Rollyoing and some of the other cataloging-type tools that would force me to become organized, I realize that where there's a will there could be a Wii (something I long to have). Besides, there have been some rewarding "ahas" that have occurred along the way, and so I forge ahead.

How old am I? I'll never tell. :-)


Ellen said...

I just added your post to "Posts Worth Reading" on the BCPL Participants page. Thanks very much!

romancereader said...

Thanks for the great laugh. I liked your definitions of aging, wii, rollyo, etc. I hope I already know you. If not looking forward to seeing you at staff day. Humor is important in our line of work.

Mama Otta said...

To echo "romancereader" comment, Thanks for the great laugh!! I agree with the delicious milk shake too, and Merlin. I was almost afraid to see just what would pop up under delicious when I was on the computer. Lord knows I am always someplace I am not supposed to be and saying something I shouldn't say (at least not out loud.